Houston’s Comprehensive Infusion Therapy Solution

Welcome to AlphaOmegaRx, Houston’s comprehensive infusion therapy solution led by Terence Houston, PharmD. The focus of AlphaOmegaRx is to provide proven infusion therapies to treat not just what ails you, but to provide hope along your journey to improved health, and healing to you as a whole person. Body. Mind. Soul.

Over the course of his career, “Dr. T” as he is affectionately called by his patients, has treated thousands of individuals – just like you – that have suffered from autoimmune diseases, infections, dehydration, and other conditions requiring infusion therapy to promote wellness and an improved quality of life. At AlphaOmegaRx, we believe in treating patients like people. Yes, of course we believe in the power of medicine; we also believe in the power of prayer.

At AlphaOmegaRx, we believe in treating patients like people.

If you’re looking for an infusion therapy provider that offers hope AND healing, AlphaOmegaRx may be for you.

Working in tandem with your referring physician, we tailor the right infusion therapy to fit your needs based on your medical history and the condition that is being treated. Our infusion-trained nurses work with you all from the comfort of your home to provide an excellent clinical experience throughout your infusion therapy needs. Diagnoses such as congenital heart failure, malabsorption or MRSA infections are all considered, along with ensuring that your quality of life can be maintained to the level of which you are accustomed.

Regardless of the infusion therapy prescribed for you, Dr. T and the staff at AlphaOmegaRx will be there to guide you every step of the way – from insurance approval to evaluating which therapy is right for you, to at-home catheter care, nutrition education, emotional support, and follow-up. AlphaOmegaRx is there for you from beginning to end.

AlphaOmegaRx has one goal in mind – a healthy you.

Take the first step to improving your health and let today be the first day toward healing and a healthy you. You don’t have to walk your journey alone anymore. AlphaOmegaRx has the infusion therapy solution that’s right for you.

For more information on infusion therapies we offer, click here or call our office. We’re happy to verify your insurance benefits and work directly with the practitioner that is managing your care to ensure you get the best care possible.